Sunday, February 2, 2014

Modeling of un-structured data | LinkedIn Group: Data Architect USA

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All business-relevant data should be modeled in only one tool to ensure the integrity between logical enterprise models, logical subject area models and application-specific DBMS models.

Differences between modeling techniques for SQL databases, NoSQL databases and other storage / retrieval technologies only occur on the physical level. In a nutshell, while SQL database models 'may' be denormalized, NoSQL database models 'must' (almost always) be denormalized (due to rare to no support of table joins).

In any event, professional data modeling tools (should) offer such denormalization support while keeping track of the column lineage.

The Business Architecture tool SILVERRUN in its latest version (published last week) features modeling Cassandra 2.0 databases incl. the generation of CQL scripts (see ) Additional SILVERRUN versions including reverse engineering of Cassandra databases as well as support of other NoSQL databases will follow in 2014.

[In the spirit of full disclosure: I am in charge of Grandite, the SILVERRUN supplier, and will be happy to provide additional information on demand.]