Sunday, May 25, 2014

How Does the Database Influence the Data Modeling Approach? | LinkedIn Group: Data Modeling

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My comment

Based on the 4 primary steps suggested by Rémy [Fannader] (even considering that each of us may have slightly different convictions how to exactly mark off these steps against each other), the answer should be:
  • Conceptual: not influenced by the target database 
  • Normalized logical: not influenced by the target database
  • Denormalized logical: only influenced by the architecture / type of concepts that the database supports (doesn't support), e.g. nested table, materialized view
  • Physical: completely influenced by the target database, e.g. physical names, database-specific storage parameters.
On an additional note: To follow the above 4-level procedure effectively and efficiently, it is indispensable to use a professional data modeling tool that not only, but particularly allows to
  • Define, keep and maintain the above development levels
  • Propagate (cascade) applicable modifications to the next level(s)
  • Generate the DDL from the physical level.