Monday, June 2, 2014

Tool to Track Which Databases Keep Customer Data | LinkedIn Group: Master Data Management Pros

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My comment

I suggest you to use a professional data and process modeling tool suite.

The data modeling tool component will allow you to have an inventory of the data, i.e. which fields (particularly: customer data) reside in which database. Typical use of the data modeling tool could be:
  • Reverse engineer each database, i.e. automatic transfer of the database structure to a graphical/textual representation in the data modeling tool.
  • (Since even (semantically) same fields will have different physical names in different databases...) Link synonyms to a common business name, e.g. "cust_name" and "cli_nam" could both represent "customer name". 
  • Add/modify any other crucial description that may be missing/incorrect.
  • Integrate the database models into subject areas (A subject area will give you the synchronized business view of how e.g. a customer is - and perspectively should be - described in your organization, e.g. by customer first-name, customer family-name, customer date-of-birth, etc.)
The process modeling tool component will provide you a graphical/textual representation how the database fields "flow" through your organization, i.e. which fields are included in the "input" and/or "output" data flow(s) of a process (program, module, dialog,...).

Ideally, the tool suite will be integrated, i.e. database fields that are captured in the database reverse engineering step (using the data modeling tool) can be linked to the fields found in the analysis of the data flows (using the process modeling tool) and vice versa.

How you apply the modeling tool suite in detail will certainly depend on the mid and long-term goals of your organization, e.g. merging/replacing application systems, evaluating new software packages, changing platforms, going mobile etc.

Considering any of these targets combined with your initial question, I recommend you to check out the SILVERRUN Professional & Enterprise Series at . (In the spirit of full disclosure: I represent Grandite, the maker of the SILVERRUN tools.)

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information directly, you will find my coordinates in "Contact Info" of my LinkedIn profile.